Zombie Attack 2013

We are gearing up for our 9th annual LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK on Thursday Aug. 29th (at dusk)! The walk concludes at The Monkey Wrench with music, contests, prizes, and the usual undead mishaps.

last year the City Of Louisville estimated our numbers to be north of 15,000! This year they estimate 18,000+

Of course with Great power comes Great responsibility. our bills run in the thousands, but we have continued to make it a fun FREE event since the beginning. This year we are asking our supporters to help us raise just 1/3 of our operating costs so we can ensure Zombie Attack continues to exist. Please visit our crowd funding page on RocketHub  and give what ever makes sense. thanks!

Help Zombie Attack

As you know LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK is the world’s largest Zombie Walk; and is a fun free event. But as it grows, so does our bills. our sponsors have helped us secure the proper permits for this year’s event, but we still have a way to go. If everyone who attends Zombie Attack pitched in just $1 we could pay our bills. of course we know how unlikely that is; so we are asking for just a few bucks so we can keep this a fun and safe event.

New Zombie Attack info

Please join us Weds August 29th for the 8th Annual Zombie Attack! the fest starts at The Back Door for a Pre-Party and movie RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD from 6-8 pm and at 8:29pm we WALK to The Monkey Wrench for music by Squeezebot, Ok Zombie, Vice Tricks, Bibelhauser Brothers, and a hot show by Va Va Vixens, costume contests, and much more!

please visit LOUISVILLEZOMBIEATTACK.ORG for more info


Welcome Back. After much uphill battling; and the loss of our website after 5 years; we are finally back! It is sad that we have lost all our photos, videos, and music, but we will be working on recompiling and adding our lost information.

In the meantime we are desperately working on the 8th ANNUAL LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK! and we are happy to announce that this year it will be held at THE MONKEY WRENCH on Barrett Ave on Wednesday AUGUST 29TH 2012 @ 8:29pm. Please join us for the world’s largest Zombie Con! OK ZOMBIE and the VA VA VIXENS will be there along with a lot of other crazy things as well as our ZOMBIE COSTUME CONTESTS: HOT ZOMBIE, GROSS ZOMBIE, KING & QUEEN(couples in matching theme), & THE GOLDEN MACHETE (Best in show)! Prizes provided by Ratterman Funeral Home, Lyndi Lou Tattoos, and more!

Please check back for updates!